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After downloading it I realized it also suffered from the major downfall of most of the spy apps in the appstore, it had indications on the screen that it is recording (the little piece of video film on the visible menu in the bottom right flashes).Cam-u-flage does allow you to load custom screens and to set the transparency so the image takes up the full screen, but they do not let you fully remove their little toolbar overlay on the bottom of the screen.They plastered the word 'Recording' in a 14 point font large across the screen during recording sessions.

I wouldn't use this app unless you want an app that can take time pictures, but there are probably better apps for that on the appstore somewhere.If you want a true spy video application, this is the best one on the market right now.This app would be 100% perfect with the following little updates: Operation: Tap top of screen to enter settings.It looked promising from the screen shots but has a few very obvious limitations.Firstly, they completely limited your ability to hide the act of recording.

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