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The 30-year Brossard resident said he's never had an issue, even when his own children took swimming lessons at the same pools.He wonders if educating kids about the human body shouldn't just be left up to parents."If the measures were reinforced, it's because we got numerous complaints — from parents who didn't want their kids exposed to nudity and adults who were ill at ease," Leuenberger said."It might be a generational question, but we received many." The cover-up rules come as Brossard breaks ground on a new aquatic complex, one that will do away with gender-specific change areas in favour of a universal locker room. Brossard currently uses two high school pools with limited locker space.Description: HOOKED allows you to read stories in chat format for free*.

The spaces are used in several facilities across Canada and are commonplace in European locales including Switzerland, France and Belgium. Locker-room nudity also surfaced as an issue in Montreal this past summer when signs cropped up at a pool asking swimmers to show discretion and not hang around in the buff.

According to the developers, SKJM: “The i Chatr application has currently been removed from the App Store due to reports of a number of users exposing themselves during the random video chat sessions.

Always educate yourself and children on the dangers of online child predators.

Longtime resident Roland Berard, 67, says he finds the new rule "regressive." "I don't agree with having to cover up in the men's locker room when I'm changing and when I'm taking a shower," he said.

"I agree to be discreet." Berard, who swims in the mornings when it is adults who are mostly present, said he doesn't see a problem changing or showering while naked.

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