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4, suggests that, "Once you see if the site works for you, you can search out a coupon or promotional code for this particular Catholic dating site and make the most of the limited time you’ll have to interact with other Catholics looking for company." That's right--you can save money by simply finding the love of your life within a limited trial period!

All right, you've got your website chosen, your account set up, and twenty-eight days left on your free subscription--where do you go now? offers many suggestions for custom-tailoring your profile to attracting the perfect mate, such as "you should have a quirky screenname that helps you stand out without divulging your first or last name." This is incredibly sound advice--screennames can be a fun way to express yourself, and nothing expresses your individuality more than a name like 'Shlong Lord' or 'prays4pen15'.

When we would cautiously recommend that our friends try using popular dating services, they would come back telling us about their difficulty in finding people who were equally serious about their faith or about pursuing marriages for God’s glory.

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