Dating pyrex marks dating pyrex marks

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Mug Collecting: Can You Spot the Fake Fire-King Mug?

I think it's time to touch on the dates associated with certain marks.

So we now find “unmarked Fire-King” that is no less valuable or collectible than pieces with any of several imprinted marks.

*The only exception is a very poor-quality creamer and sugar set made to resemble the ribbed Jane Ray pattern.

For a while in the mid 70s, this "cornflower stamp" was reused on Teapots and Percolators, but Hologram stamps were never used on either of these pieces. Hope this helps to narrow down the dates of some of your pieces.

Plus, it’s made of durable Pyrex® glass, so you can use it over and over again.

One solution to this confusion was to stop mould marks altogether and switch to foil labels — which were eventually removed by consumers.

White discloration can be two kinds of things: a deposit on the glass or actual removal of material from it. What is the difference between a Breakfast Bowl and a Chili Bowl? ABOVE (L to R): Chocolate, Small Restaurant, Extra Heavy.

Layers are added by such things as hard water minerals that can be removed with a solvent such as Lime Away or a mild abrasive, such as Soft Scrub or even with fine Brillo pads. Does the glass or the peach lustre finish contains lead? Shown at the left (from Left to Right) are the highly prized Breakfast bowl and, to its right, the commonly found “Chili” bowl. Breakfast bowls are sometimes found decorated with red or green ivy trim. ABOVE (L to R): Standard and Extra Heavy The most commonly found mug is the square-handled “Standard” coffee mug, which stands 3 1/2″ (88mm) high; has a diameter of 3 5/16″ (84mm) and holds a full 9 ounces.

Most Fire-King pieces were marked, but some were not marked. During these transitions more than one mark would be used. Moulds acquire cumulative layers of glass with each use until they are finally rendered useless and new moulds have to be made.

The following is a list of trademarks: Some pieces are marked only with an anchor and / or the words “HEAT PROOF” or “OVEN PROOF” . At that time, any new management decisions about how the new pieces ought to be marked will be implemented.

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