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Cell Max’s revolutionary antenna technology virtually eliminates power losses within the antenna, resulting in significantly higher radiated RF power in the cell.

Increased signal strength and reduced interference significantly improves data throughput and data capacity, allowing the operator to become truly spectrum efficient.

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The survey has been on-going since February 2015 and has already provided several high-impact results, including a new planet, HIP 65426 b.

UPDATE: Step 5 has been updated, since many of you were having trouble with the PERL script not running successfully. The downloaded script includes the following 6 files: Open it and you'll find folders for all the conversations you've had, each one consisting of HTML files that make up the text messages and images. You can now use spotlight to search them, or make copies of any of the images or videos.

You'll find multiple HTML files in each folder, as the text messages are grouped by days. If you'd like, you can print-to-PDF to convert them to an easier-to-share format.

The project will explore both the instrumental and astrophysical aspects of this coupling, with the goal of implementing a prototype by 2020 at the VLT.

High-contrast imaging is the best method to detect the intrinsic light of giant exoplanets in the near-infrared around nearby young stars.

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