Eunhyuk dating dating a blue collar guy

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What does Eunhyuk mean about SNSD not having a "feminine side"? I don't get it : S I think with the they don't have "feminine side" could mean that they don't see them as someone who they would date. Probably seen them at their worst and I'm sure they forces themselves to see them as nothing more as co workers.About the RPF controversy: People are free to fantasize about public figures and write down their fantasies as long as they make it clear that it's fiction, and they're just sharing amongst themselves and not harassing anyone or trying to make a profit.

Fantasies (ie sexual fantasies between idols) between the idol character and the idol in real life should just not cross because it does ruin friendship or closeness between the members.

Now IU keeps her schedul normally, but the rumors have not gone yet.. Fortunately, lot of fans are trying to proof that the rumor is not true.

Still, there are so many articles and posts about IU and Eunhyuk's scandal and some suspicious evidences. According to one fan of IU, who is just like a CSI investigator, Eunhyuk was wearing his shirt, and the photo was taken at IU's house for sure. Ha tweeted as, "left photo is a evidence of Eunhyuk wearing a shirt" which is a photo of thermal analyze, and "right photo is a photo when IU took while producing 2nd album in the sofa of her house", which means that it is true that they were in IU's house - same sofa.

Obviously people who send fanfiction to celebrities thinking they're going to be flattered are delusional and have no sense of propriety.

But let's not act like this kind of fantasy isn't encouraged by idols.

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