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Sometimes the conversation strays toward topics (for instance, the emotions that this work wakes within us) that are not so common in a workplace.DEAR WORRIED: The first thought of someone being sexually harassed is often that it is their fault. I’m going to guess that your work is rewarding, but possibly stressful, and emotionally (and perhaps physically) taxing.You can also follow her on Twitter @askingamy or “like” her on Facebook.Amy Goodwin was a girl who kissed Rudy at Jo's party.It is completely normal to talk about your feelings and emotions concerning your work.Being able to talk about your feelings helps you and your colleagues to stay sane and connected.

Nick Smith jumped at the chance to have a push up contest with Georgia football players, and what he did impressed the team.

If someone asks if you are hiking with your mother, you can respond, “No - now you have a good day! But please understand that the people who patronize you likely have older family members who aren’t as lucky, healthy, fit and active as you are. You three could have some fun with this and also get T-shirts made, declaring yourselves to be the “Over the Hill Gang.” Get it?

Dear Amy: As an advocate for victims of child sex trafficking, the reader that submitted the question about her husband using teen dating/escort services was alarming.

I was a bit upset that they never told us that they had received free tickets, and expected us to pay full price for our tickets. What is the proper etiquette in this situation when you have free tickets and you invite another couple to go with you?

Should they have told us before we accepted that we would have to pay full price for these tickets?

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