Green light card dating

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In early 2007, Tf L and Deloitte worked to migrate the on-line payment systems to a more open architecture, using a number of open source components such as Linux, to resolve issues of lock-in costs, updates, incorporation of new security standards of PCI DSS, non-scalability, low and inconsistent quality of service, and slower response time to business changes.Oyster cards can be registered or protected for loss or theft.Aluminium shielding has been suggested to prevent any personal data from being read. All transactions are settled between the card and reader alone.Readers transmit the transactions to the back office in batches but there is no need for this to be done in real time.and "Oyster" was chosen as a fresh approach that was not directly linked to transport, ticketing or London. According to Andrew Mc Crum, now of Appella brand name consultants, who was brought in to find a name by Saatchi and Saatchi Design (contracted by Tran Sys), Oyster was conceived and promoted because of the metaphorical implications of security and value in the component meanings of the hard bivalve shell and the concealed pearl, the association of London and the River Thames with oysters, and the well-known travel-related idiom "the world is your oyster".The intellectual property rights to the Oyster brand originally belonged to Tran Sys.

Similarly, Oyster readers are now embedded into ticket machines produced by Shere and Scheidt and Bachmann on the national rail network.The back office acts mainly as a record of transactions that have been completed between cards and readers. In 2008, a fashion caught on for removing the RFID chip from Oyster cards and attaching it to wrist watches and bracelets.This allowed commuters to pass through the gates by "swiping" their hand without the need to take out a proper card.While it has been suggested that a good reader could read personal details from a distance, there has been no evidence of anyone being able to decrypt Oyster information.By design the cards do not carry any personal information.

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