Inter racial internet dating

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This ban continued in the southern states until outlawed by a liberal Supreme Court on June 12, 1967.

The book, America's Greatest Problem, by the eminent Prof. Liberal ministers have had a very difficult time reconciling the Holy Bible with their crusade to promote inter-racial marriage.

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They did not want their civilization to decay and fall due to interbreeding with inferior racial stock!It is an historical fact that every nation in the history of the world in which the White population mixed its gene pool with that of the lower races lost its civilization.Prime examples are India, (where the Aryans interbred with the dark skinned Dravidians of the South), Egypt (where the Caucasian builders of the Pyramids inter-bred with their Nubian / Sudanese slaves) and Brazil, a nation far richer in natural resources than the U. Brazil's teeming, poverty wracked northern half has self destucted due to massive racial inter-breeding. This means that any offspring from such a union will always favor the Black parent, even if the Black parent is not a full-blooded Negro. Simpson-Nicole Brown marriage as evidence for this. points lower than Whites on every intelligence test ever given. 2) Negro genes are dominant over that of the White by a four-to-one ratio.

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