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For me, that's one of the things that connects me to the Survivor community: the trust on both sides. I get frustrated in the first few episodes when we do two tribes and there are 10 people and an alliance of seven will force a split vote to see if there's an idol, because they can. My philosophy on Survivor is everything should cost them something. People aren't always necessarily sure why we're doing it. An informal poll shows that fans are split on this one. So there are two ways this can work in terms of big picture. Let's just have 9-1 votes and 8-1 votes." That could happen, but only for a short while. The other option is that somebody on the bottom could force a tie to get themselves out of a jam and force a rock draw so they can get a second life. [Season 12 and 31 castaway] Terry Deitz is taking selfies while he's flying planes, [Game Changers castmember] Aubry Bracco recently met a group of fans from Costa Rica, Boston Rob and Amber [who met on Survivor and have both won the show] posted a picture of their children wearing Survivor buffs. When I see something like Rob and Amber, who have a family now, and they met on Survivor, fell in love on Survivor and they both won Survivor — and he proposed to her on Survivor? Because when we're on the show, I'm business. On one hand, you can say, well, they're easy pickings. You will go look for an idol, you will risk playing it for somebody else, you might give a reward to somebody strategically — all of the things you hope will happen in a season — versus the guy who says, "I want to play with honor and try to get to the end." OK…not sure about that. Instead, they move straight to the tiebreaker, an open forum with which to reach a unanimous decision as a tribe — or else risk going home by picking the wrong rock out of a bag. Former players are celebrating the upcoming episode online with #Survivor500, posting photos and recording videos around the world. He was so popular that he couldn't go into a diamond store, so we worked on it undercover. I think one of the biggest misperceptions about me is that I'm on some level cold toward the players. The risk you have with putting people on the show who don't know the game is the same risk you have of having a final poker table with people who can't play poker. I'll admit, when I see somebody who is a super fan and they're a great potential player, they go to the top of the list, because I know you know how to play, and I know you want to play. Is this typically the busiest time of the year for Survivor? Every single thing that happens is on you — so if you do win this game? There's a rule change this season: in the event of a tie vote, players will no longer have the opportunity to revote. Fans are going to see this season that there are all sorts of things in play. It's a great question, because I'm tending more toward fans. The following season shoots shortly after that, so you must already be thinking about Season 36. You're in post for one season, you're in casting for two seasons, you have to figure out creative for two seasons, you have people on the ground on location already setting up…

Even beautiful, successful women like the woman I helped. Yeah, and it makes sense, because we don't really know how it's going to play. There are so many places where you're vulnerable. And yet, here they come, saying, "I want another shot." I have mad respect for that. The risk is, they mess up the game because they go all in when they shouldn't and the better player goes, "I know you beat me, but that was a terrible move. Do you find that's often the case when you introduce a new twist? In a very real way, Survivor is all over the world, and it's literally created life. I may be rooting for you in my underdog soul, but you have to get yourself out of this jam. I'll snuff your torch just like anyone else's. But I have such respect for the 498 people who have played this game. Millions around the world watch it, and only a handful percentage wise have ever had the courage to actually come out and play, knowing they're probably going to lose, knowing they might be humiliated, that they might break down and cry in front of the world. They'll get voted out of the game quickly and the good poker players will be left. There's a central dramatic question of the episode: Who is going to be voted out tonight? Some of them you'll know, some of them will be surprises. One of the things we hold really dear is that when we finish an episode, it has to authentically represent what happened. Game Changers is kind of like an NBA all-star game. In this, they do have one thing in common: they have been deemed by us as people who want to play. It's not how I would play, and I would prove historically that the best players have made big moves. What you're going to see is a very interesting experiment, because what happened was not what we expected. Instead, I've been saying it's more similar to Jaws, because I felt like it was this ocean with a shark and everybody knew that somebody was going to get eaten. When I talk to people, even the people who don't want to actually do it? You have to roll your sleeves up if you want to succeed, assuming you still have sleeves. Everything you have in this game is coming directly from you and your actions, starting from the minute you stepped in. That's the mystery we're unraveling, and we're playing with you. But I still approach every single episode the same way: What is the question? I say this with respect to people who start with a blank piece of paper and actually create an entire world, which is clearly the mecca of writing. Here are the things you're going to have to do. Now we just have to carve it out and share how much we show and how much we don't show." It's not dissimilar to an episode of Scandal, where we're going to show you a cliff-hanger. I do feel like we're writing the show, but it's based on what they've said to us. I think it's an interesting question, because it does speak to sticking the course and staying with the format. Five hundred is the same as 432, which is the same as episode 22. I love that it's on a premiere and I love that it's on a season called Game Changers. When this is done, it'll just be another season. How would you set up for for someone who doesn't already know the concept? Typically on Survivor, you have a group of leaders, some followers, some people who are strong in one area and weaker in another. You get so much baloney now on television and in the news, but Survivor is real. That's really a handful of rice they're getting for the entire day. It's not a game show in which you answer the right trivia question and you win a thousand dollars.

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