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I went for the first time last week and think they are on to a winner - socialising is prioritised over ability to speak a second language!

I am not writing this article to make generalisations and pigeon hole us all - quite the opposite.

About the work You take the lead, so the salespeople of our clients only need to close the deal.But after a few hours it understandably gets tiring when you want to indulge in the jokes or subtleties in your own language that just don’t easily translate.I do not think there is a conscious effort on the part of Netherlanders to exclude us expats from their day to day life but I do think that, as in any country, to get beyond pleasantries with the neighbours or chats with the green grocer, a higher level of understanding about the language and general culture is required.And, as we know from my first point this really isn’t easy. It is easy to fall back into "expatdom," give-up on the squinting while listening and only hang around with people who speak your own language.Certain kinds of humour and rapid-fire conversations can often best be achieved with people from your own country. Having craved a bit of easy chit-chat, I spent time with the usual crowd in the English / Irish / Australian pubs.

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