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Another option is “successive adoption,” if one partner adopts a child that has already been adopted by the other.

Complicating matters further, Germany also has relatively strict laws on artificial insemination and surrogacy, which narrows those options.

The issue was finally resolved in a sudden vote late in June, after a flurry of activity. Merkel’s main rival for the chancellery, Martin Schulz of the Social Democrats, called for “marriage for all” on the campaign trail. Merkel casually said on a television chat show that politicians could vote with their consciences instead of along party lines, he seized the moment.

Together with Green and Left Party politicians, he forced the issue to a vote, angering conservatives.

Tens of thousands were forced to wear the pink triangle in concentration camps; many were murdered.

After 1945, even as the Allies insisted on Nazi-era laws being struck, West Germany kept paragraph 175.

Gay marriage, she fears, would be a step too far, and could cause a rebellion in her own ranks.

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On one hand, it has often been in the vanguard of gay culture.

It was probably Angela Merkel’s most cringe-worthy moment ever: During a live televised debate in 2013, an audience member asked the chancellor whether it would one day be possible for him and his male partner to adopt a child together. “I am unsure what is good for the child, and this uncertainty I would simply like to be allowed to express without wanting to discriminate against anyone.” Four years on, and in another election campaign, the chancellor hasn’t changed her tune.

She had “difficulties” with giving gay and lesbian couples the right to adopt, she said, admitting that this might seem old-fashioned.

A June poll by Bild, the daily newspaper, showed that 73 percent of CDU/CSU voters favored equal marriage.

A step towards liberalization was taken last year in an important symbolic law that retroactively annulled all those old convictions under paragraph 175 and giving restitution to the men prosecuted who were still alive.

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