Slovenian girl dating lane cedar chests dating

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Don’t be surprised when a Slovenian guy starts telling you their story about the time their parachute almost didn’t open.

Or about how once they almost broke their bones para-gliding. M is going to wake up one day and tell me “I’m going to hike Mt. And FYI, the first married couple who ever hiked the Everest together where Slovenians. So you know how French and Italian men are famous for their impressive fashion sense?

So even if they haven’t been on a hike for awhile, their muscle memory is still impeccable.

Which is something they might not take into consideration when taking you on your first hike 1000 meters uphill. Prepare yourself for spontaneous off-the road hikes ahead because there will be plenty!

Well, it is quite the opposite with Slovenian guys sometimes.

The minute a Slovenian guy steps into his home, he will strip down and change into his “home” attire.

what you need to know before dating a Slovenian guy.

It could be because Slovenia’s natural landscapes have a lot to offer on this regard.But once in a while you love to treat ourselves with some kind of street food style dinner. Their version of light is half a baguette or loaf of bread with dozens slices of cheeses and hams (oh, and beer! I laughed so much when a friend told me that her Slovenian boyfriend refuses to have potatoes, and chicken for dinner.But it’s totally okay with having half a kilo worth of sandwiches for himself.curious, spiritual, open - in heart and in mind, passionate, friendly and outgoing, fun-loving and funny - love to laugh, warm and affectionate, generous and thoughtful, flexible - not rigid, love to ... I love exploring new places and getting to know people. I like to wear almost everything, it depends of A tender separate virgin, that is wishing for partner for travels, wanderings.

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