Updating using 2 tables with sql

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The rows in temporary tables are stored in memory by default.

If the Hyper SQL supports the Standard definition of persistent base table, but defines three types according to the way the data is stored.

See the Java Doc for the In an SQL system, all significant data is stored in tables and sequence generators.

Only part of their data or indexes is held in memory, allowing large tables that would otherwise take up to several hundred megabytes of memory.For example CUBE is a reserved words that is not currently supported by Hyper SQL and is allowed as a table or column name.You should avoid using such names as future versions of Hyper SQL are likely to support the reserved words and may reject your table definitions or queries.In Hyper SQL version 2, all features of JDBC4 that apply to the capabilities of HSQLDB are fully supported.The relevant JDBC classes are thoroughly documented with additional clarifications and Hyper SQL specific comments.

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