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I wouldn't say that it reads compulsively, but it's not bad at all.

Very good until some point when it deviates and starts to explore its philosophic agenda.

What I cannot understand is the personal structure of these people, and the author does not really help here, though he seems to suggest that it's a very special British thing which outsiders cannot understand. That implies a very rigid set of obstacles behind which the consciousness of the person ("the spy") cannot go at all — otherwise it would simply break down. One important thing to understand, I guess, is that the work of these spies, the very nature of their work, is certainly not intellectual.

The most unexpected thing for me was the story about two enemy groups of ancient DNA specialists who have different conferences and don't really talk to each other that much. This a long story of his movement in various circles, the glimpses of the Spanish war, their sudden evacuation from France when the Germans invade, his one and only bizarre trip to Russia; his homosexuality ('queerness', he would have said) and so on.Estimate of the total number of humans born in the last 50,000 years.Chapter 1: Horny and mobile The Hobbit (from Flores)On cryptozoology On the Ebu Gogo The first Neanderthal DNAForty-seven Chinese teeth (earliest unequivocally modern humans in southern China)The stories of the Neanderthals More Neanderthal genomes On speech, Fox P2, people and songbirds On smelling, skin and red hair On the impact of admixture with Neanderthals Enter Denisova (lots of articles by D. There is something very important about Britain in this whole picture. I remembered rather little of the book, except its most basic parts — a butler serving a landlord who kind of sympathized Nazis (though thought that he was more important than he really was), his failure to connect to the housekeeper and his late-career drive to see her — and say a few last unnecessary words. No, the system was like that, and he used it to the full.

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