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"Winter Exhibition: Goya and His Times," December 7, 1963–March 1, 1964, no. "Masterpieces of Painting in The Metropolitan Museum of Art," September 16–November 1, 1970, unnumbered cat. "Masterpieces of Fifty Centuries," November 15, 1970–February 15, 1971, no. "100 Paintings from the Metropolitan Museum," May 22–July 27, 1975, no. 541, lists it among works by Goya as "Les majas au balcon (copie)" at the gallery of the Infante Sebastián [Laurent photographed a watercolor copy of the MMA painting; see Ref. "Cuadros fotográficos: Goya—El Carnaval—Las majas." La Ilustración Española y Americana 7 (January 1, 1872), pp. (etching by Severini) , describes the majas in this picture as "two dubious beauties... The Metropolitan's painting is sometimes considered a variant composition, its attribution questioned by some experts.

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Dating from about 1810, the latter is among Goya's masterpieces.

Infante Sebastián María Gabriel de Borbón y Braganza, Madrid (by 1835; inv., 1835, no.

48); Museo Nacional de la Trinidad, Madrid, under state sequestration (1835–60; inv.

"Manet/Velázquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting," March 4–June 8, 2003, no.

Les Musées d'Espagne, d'Angleterre, et de Belgique, guide et mémento de l'artiste et du voyageur, faisant suite aux musées d'Italie. 168, states that the "Musée national" in Madrid [presumably the Museo Nacional de la Trinidad] has only one painting by Goya, "Loge au cirque des taureaux (un Palco en los toros)" [probably this painting interpreted as a scene in a box at a bullfight].

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